Have you seen the PLRB Varsity Jacket As Seen In British GQ Magazine?

Poor Little Rich Boy Clothing has attained some wonderful Press Coverage from British GQ Magazine! As seen In British GQ's June 2019 Issue, the PLRB All City Varsity Jacket has been acknowledged for the Spring/Summer 2019 season and is a must have for any Men's wardrobe. British GQ featured the jacket in it's "Fashion Collection" section of the Magazine. The PLRB All City Varsity Jacket is a modern updated version of the classic Varsity style jackets we've come to know and love. This comfortable yet stylish offering provides enough versatility to be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up. Check out the Magazine feature by going to page 277 of the June 2019 issue and click the following link for our online feature in GQ Shops https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/topic/gq-shops for our feature in GQ Shops.

British GQ Magazine June 2019 and Poor Little Rich Boy

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