You're not a Small, Medium or Large.... So go Custom!

Men's Clothing and Accessories brand Poor Little Rich Boy, has just made the world a better place for classy men everywhere! The San Francisco based company has introduced a new Made to Measure feature on its online store that allows you to build your own Custom Dress Shirt in 9 easy steps. It is easy to use and the resulting product is perfection.

One visit on the Poor Little Rich Boy site at is all you need to start building a wardrobe of precisely fitting dress shirts for any season. For the modern man in the digital age who buys on the go, purchasing dress shirts online has become time consuming with the poor fit and return process. Hours and hours are spent buying a product that ultimately doesn't fit. Poor Little Rich Boy decided to make this process less complicated by simplifying the experience into 9 easy steps and also delivering the amazing end result to your door in 14-18 days. Poor Little Rich Boy stores your measurement information in your account for yiur bext visit. A process simple enough to make sure you'll be back for more.

"You're not a Small, Medium or Large....You are you. Your dress shirt should fit your body type exactly for that killer look", says Owner and CEO, Michael Dade. Our new generation desires to look good and dress good and has realized that fit is the most important aspect of a quality dress shirt. Poor Little Rich Boy believes your dress shirt should fit the way you want it to in order to leave that everlasting first impression. 

Poor Little Rich Boy Dress shirts are luxurious shirts that feature tasteful fabric designs made with quality 100% Egyptian Cotton. They also feature other great but intricate details (often not paid attention to by the common man but make a huge difference) such as mother of pearl buttons and fused collars, cuffs and plackets. When it comes to sizing and measurement, the Poor Little Rich Boy site simplifies the process by providing visual guides that make it easy to take your own measurements. PLRB advises to round up instead of down when measuring to allow for some shrinkage over time. 

Try the simple 9 step system today and take a discount of $25 off any dress shirt for your first purchase by using code "STAYSHARP" at checkout at 

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  • Made to Measure Shirts Just made the world a better place for classy men everywhere!

    • Elliot Alan
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